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I wrote this poem when I was graduating from the University of East London. We learnt Positive Psychology interventions during the course, and I mentioned some of them in this poem. They are underlined to make it easier for the reader to understand what they were.


Unspeakable Self

Is completely in love

With the weather today,

With a bird – little dove.


Self is happy today

I got up with the sun,

Meditated and prayed,

Project writing is done.


I have finished today

Three good things as a step

On my glorious way

To Best Possible Self.


Worked on strengths as I planned

And on lesser ones too,

Thankful letters I sent,

Savored sky in the hue.


Self is glad that I did

Yoga stretches and breath,

Nature walk was a kick

To my overall health.


My well-being’s all right,

What I needed is mine.

Self is sleeping – it’s night.

Let me just waste some time!

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