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The Light is always within you,

It’s there day and night.

Wake up to start your life anew

And listen to your Guide.


Your Angel’s always here to help,

And if you meditate

Your sorrows, fears start to melt,

Then Peace you can create.


Be brave when challenges you face,

Be strong with any change,

Whatever comes in life – embrace,

Be grateful. Sounds strange?


All hardships are deserved by you,

Your Karma counts debts,

But there exists another crew

That helps to tear nets.


Your Guides are here for this life,

Just listen, they will talk,

Your mind and soul will be revived,         

Uplifted, you will walk.

We come to Earth to change and learn,

Be better as we can.

The job of Karma is to burn

All tragedies of Man.


The Light inside you will ignite

At full with happy flames,

Your path will be forever bright,

You’ll win all vital games!


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