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Finally, I Am Awake

Yes, finally, I am awake,

Released from matrix once forever.

I am so glad I made that break,

Because it was my life endeavour.

I know, you and me are one,

There’s no way for separation.

My mission here is not done,

As you may need some explanation.

It may be wisdom that has come

A little later than expected.

My life is full of peace and calm,

I do not need myself be rated.

I am connected to my soul,

And love for people is abundant.

At last, I feel that I’m whole,

And silence never gets redundant.

I feel the beauty of the sky,

I hear crystal songs of nature,

This world is finally all mine,

And that for sure is my major.

I need a couple friends, no more,

With whom it’s worth to be around

To break discussions to the core

And feel the joy in every sound.

I feel it’s easier to give

Than get some stuff and put in cupboard;

It’s easy now to forgive

Myself and others – we all suffered.

My soul has brushed all dust from me,

That I had gained through many years.

I think it’s time to set me free

And shut the door in front of fears.

This magic world that we call Earth

Is place for growing, be heightened:

All battles here must be worth

For you and me to be enlightened.

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