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One Night My Soul Refused To Fly…

One night my soul refused to fly, I saw her shrink in size. Surprised, I asked her: “Tell me why?”, She said: “I cannot rise.”

“But why did happen it to you? You used to be so strong.” The words she said I wish I knew Some time before that long.

“Your tiny body full of light Was brought to me as you, And when you came to Earth one night, Your chances stayed in queue.

But day by day you lost your light Because of fears and cries, You never filled your days with fight Against the evil lies.

You chose to grab some more and more To fill your empty life. That is the consequence of law: You get for what you strive.

You all forget why you are here, You leave your souls no choice. But when you feel the last day’s near You’ll have to hear the Voice:

“Regrets and tears will not work, And nothing of that kind, And all your riches stored and locked You’ll have to leave behind.

What you can take with you is love, Serenity and joy, Your being truthful, kind, and tough – You could’ve done that, boy!

Instead of “I AM” you were taught To want, obey, be vain.” I listened to my soul and thought If she could fly again.

“I want to see the light inside Your eyes that used to shine. I promise, you will be my guide And body be your shrine.”

She looked at me, her wings were raised - I was a lucky guy. “I’ll be my best, you’ll be amazed My limit is the sky!”

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